Where We Add Value

Life-Cycle Solutions

GRS distinguishes itself from other management consultants by providing a comprehensive solution spanning project development and operations. We begin the process of optimisation and improvement well before the project is commissioned to achieve benefits throughout the life of the operation.

Existing Assets Optimised 

We work closely with operations, addressing issues including resource utilisation, availability and reliability, adding value quickly, for little to no capital cost. Quality execution in turn drives improved planning and optimisation.

Performance Management 

We believe people perform best in an environment where they receive clearly communicated expectations and retain a stake in the outcome of their work. Our approach identifies critical business drivers at the individual level. Working with your team, we incorporate these drivers into the business framework, coaching your people to realise improved performance.

Hands-On to the End 

Business improvement projects are always challenging for those impacted by the changes involved. GRS differentiates itself from other management consultants by not just delivering recommendations but by doing the !!!Ohard yards!!L on detailed process redesign and implementation with your team.

Improvements Locked-In 

A key component of any improvement process is developing a strong culture of inquiry within your business. We develop business process solutions that focus on identifying the root cause of unexpected business outcomes. Then, by working at the detailed procedural and training level, we ensure that acquired knowledge is converted into improved operating practices.

Collaboration and Engagement 

Even the best designed processes require a great deal of effort to incorporate into a business. Sustaining improvement depends heavily on input from your team right from the outset. We never forget that these are your business processes and you know more about them than we do.

Experience and Diversity 

Our team has strong resource industry experience within key operational, management and consulting roles. We combine practical, analytical, facilitation and implementation skills that span all phases of business improvement projects.

Learning and Development

Our team has the experience, skill and commitment to coach and support your team through to the end of the project. GRS!| objective is to always leave behind a core group of people who have the skills, knowledge and desire to take on the challenge of deriving value from their own business unit and a system to help them achieve it.