Commissioning & Operational Readiness System


  • Start up of facilities within the Project schedule and budget
  • Start up of facilities in accordance with design criteria
  • Facilities to sustain continuous operation at design capacity free of
    incidents - health, safety, environment and unplanned maintenance
  • Impart specialist knowledge and produce detailed documents that
    accurately record all field tests for handover to operations
  • Alignment of all stakeholders including operations, contractors and vendors
    through the procurement, construction and commissioning
    phases of the Project’s life cycle



  • Sound business process definition and planning, ideally
    commencing in the Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS)
  • Easy to understand and execute commissioning procedures
  • Accurate scoping, estimation and allocation of competent
    resources required to achieve the commissioning objectives and operational readiness
  • Establishment of effective management strategies for the
    control of – Vendor data , commissioning budget and completion milestones
  • Execution in accordance with approved and agreed business processes and plans
  • Real time fast, effective informative controls reporting
  • Harmonious transition(s) construction – commissioning - operations
  • Adoption of a “no secrets, no surprises” approach to all activities.
  • Early operational engagement in completions and commissioning readiness.