Project Finance Facilitation

GRS is a dynamic consulting partner with a single goal - to contribute to the realisation of your business objectives. Combining excellence, experience and dedication, GRS can assist in the delivery of each of your goals through the provision of independent advice and finance facilitation.

GRS is able to assist with the sourcing, negotiating and securing of project and corporate finance arrangements and provide financial advisory services. We have extensive experience in the international finance sector, including the structuring of private equity investments.

Our principal Project Finance Advisor has extensive advisory experience in investment and strategy in the international mining and natural resource industries, particularly in the structuring of private equity and joint venture investments, and for the raising of debt for emerging markets. He has acted as advisor on several natural resources / energy / mining equity investments, corporate finance, project financing and industrial policy definition missions. His experience and expertise includes:

  • Privatisation and mining investment development; 
  • Strong business development, leadership expertise, and transactions structuring skills; 
  • Project finance, corporate finance, private equity investments, and financial advisory services for large private and public international financial institutions;
  • In depth knowledge of the global natural resources industries; 
  • Advising several African, Middle Eastern and Latin American countries on large privatisations and on the design and implementation of promotion policies for foreign direct investments;
  • Advising several base metals and energy M&A and project finance transactions in Latin America, Africa, North America and Australasia, and on the country programs approval policy for a new US emerging markets assistance initiative.