GRS assisted BarrickGoldof Australia in the consolidation of the geology and engineering functions of four operating gold mines into a single shared services unit. The charter of this new unit, known as Yilgarn One – Enginerring Services, was to provide centralized technical support to mining operations by the delivery of resource/reserve estimates, long-term mining plans, budget development and engineering project management services.

GRS consultants worked with Barrick management and technical staff at each site to document current business process, identify areas for improvement and outline potential issues upon migrating to the shared services model. This led to the consolidation of best-practice models and the development of detailed service level agreements to support the operation of the newly formedEngineeringServices Group and their routine interaction with their site-based colleagues. In addition GRS staff assisted in the communication of the redesigned processes to key stakeholders and the development of an implementation plan to support the transition to the new model.

Richard Hay, General Manager - Yilgarn Shared Services
"My involvement with GRS was very positive, the consultants demonstrated a great work ethic and knowledge of re-organisation methodology. Their work in helping to developdetailed yet simpleand practical service level agreements for the new service centre was one of the important keys to the success of the project. The format of theservice level agreements were adopted for the other areas of the project"