In late 2007, GRS were requested to mobilize a team to review La Macha's gold mining operations in Sudan, with the brief to investigate opportunities for improving the throughput, availability and general safety management practices in pre-leach crushing, grinding and agglomeration areas.

Through observation, discussions with key personnel and review of production data, GRS was able to identify a number of improvement opportunities to add immediate and long-term benefits.

The recommended approach, involved a greater degree of operator involvement in day-to-day plant monitoring and process optimisation and a more structured approach to both planned and opportune maintenance, combined with improved reporting on key operations parameters to drive a greater degree of root cause analysis and accountability for performance.

By working closely with site management, the implementation approach was specifically tailored to the cultural and language circumstances at site.

Bill Plyley, Chief Operating Officer
"In late 2007, La Mancha contracted GRS to review management efficiencies at our Hassai Mine in Sudan. GRS quickly assembled a top-quality team to provide the review and generate a concise report. The report was instrumental in determining the structural and process changes that are currently being implemented at Hassai. I would recommend GRS to any company looking for a team that is flexible and can provide good quality outcomes."