As the VP Technology for Doe Run Peru for the last 5 years, and acting Project Sponsor responsible to the Executive Committee for a US$450 million Brownfield’s expansion in the Peruvian Andes, I was looking for a team of professionals to join and head up my owners team. We were delivering a highly complex poly-metalic upgrade including two acid plants and an Isa furnace installation in what can best be described as a fast track schedule focused project driven primarily by operational and permitting needs. The site was remote and located some 3,800 meters above sea level. We needed a team of dedicated and exceptionally talented people to work with us in delivering the scope in what was an overheated global economy where sourcing competent and reliable external support services was a major task. We (Doe Run) strategically choose to avoid engaging the under performing and overly expensive EPCM and EPC service providers. Instead we chose to manage the delivery process and associated risk in-house with our own team. GRS were able to supply us with the people and processes to deliver the project, achieving the tight timelines and business objectives. Providing a dedicated team of professionals that worked autonomously with our staff in what was a very challenging project, GRS delivered in demanding circumstances and against the market and logistical challenges, resulting in our critical deliverables being met. GRS recruited and trained both local Peruvian labour and our operational staff to perform the project management functions and we successfully delivered the programmed scope. Both the GRS local team and the executive based out of Hong Kong were online 24/7, as and when needed, to meet our needs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending GRS services to any client organisation seeking the assistance of a high competent and outcome focused project management service provider.

Michael Sankovitch
VP Strategic Planning 
The Doe Run Company