Scholarship support

Dear Rod,

I would like to outline how grateful I have been for your support over the past two years. Your support has been absolutely pivotal to the success and achievements I have obtained: firstly, honours in law and secondly, the benefits I personally obtained from studying overseas; an opportunity I could not have undertaken without your support.

I am currently undertaking a corporate internship at Telstra in Melbourne in which I was one of 60 successful applicants out of 2500 applicants. It was my grades in addition to my study overseas that enabled me to be successful in gaining this internship. This is an achievement that was made possible through your support. My final year in particular was extremely difficult and I had to take extensive time off work and rely on the funds Global Resource Solutions provided me in order to continue my studies.

As a result of my overseas studies I was asked to do an interview for a University of Tasmania advertising campaign in which I made sure I expressly referenced the support of Global Resource Solutions in helping me with my studies. The campaign has now finished however I was able to find the YouTube video of the interview which you may be interested in viewing. It is available at: Or alternatively you can just search "Joshua Morse uTas" in YouTube.

I still have a very keen interest in the mining sector in particular the developments of the LNG industry and the way the Australian industry must manage costs and labour productivity in order to remain competitive internationally. I am taking a year off in 2014 and will be going backpacking around South America and Europe returning to Australia at the end of 2014. I will then be seeking to begin a career! If a position happened to arise at Global Resource Solutions that I would be suitable for I would be very interested in catching up with you either before or after my travels to talk about such a possibility or alternatively to seek your advice on the career path that may assist me to obtain the experience required to get into the industry later on in my career.

Again, I would like to reiterate my gratitude towards yourself and Global Resource Solutions for the significant assistance provided to me. Have a great Christmas break!

Kind regards,
Joshua Morse